Oscar Wilde famously said on his deathbed:

“Either that wallpaper goes or I do”

Interior design is an exacting business, involving far more than wallpaper. It involves careful planning, manipulating spaces, blending technical and creative skills. A designer should be able to provide sufficient drama, surprise and contrast. My approach is to create honest, simple comfortable spaces using materials that age well so that with time, they gain atmosphere and style. Our lives have references to our origins, family heritage, likes and dislikes, humour and all of these should be reflected in our surroundings. When you think of the influence the space you inhabit has over your life, it is surely worth the expense of experimenting a little to try and find the design/style that pleases you the most.

A room should always reflect personality and the trick is having the confidence to achieve it. Favourite pieces give strong hints to the character of the owner. Light and colour, layout and comfortable furniture, cherished and found objects all add to the atmosphere of a room. I can source objets d’art that will mix artistic expression with your personality and lifestyle. Great design really can make people happier.