What I can do for you

I have always been fascinated by art, design and fashion. From my stylish grandmother to my studies in Fine Art and Interior Design, to my career in Image Consultancy and work as a curator for London galleries, I have been working with aesthetics from a young age. I use all aspects of art, fashion, history, photography and architecture to inspire my clients in their search for a personal look for either their wardrobe, home interior or art collection.

I feel we are bombarded with images in the media telling us how we should look, how our homes are decorated and what we should be buying. It is no surprise that we are left confused and bewildered, never getting round to deciphering the messages conveyed to us. This is of course a way to encourage us to over purchase. I can streamline your buying habits and end up saving you money, removing the stress of knowing what's current , letting your personal style shine through while paring it all down to the basic essentials. Clothes are wonderful because they express the way you feel about yourself and how you would like to be perceived on a daily basis. They can give you confidence and kudos, make you feel sexy and smarter... who wouldn't want that?

I hope that you find this blog interesting and inspiring, and that you see what I can do for you!